About Hotel Quebec/Hotel Foxtrot

Short description

This is a website of a group of people, who like to play the online first person shooter game, mostly the original Ghost Recon.

Hotel Quebec ranks

RanksSpecial Ranks
'1st Lieutenant$Co Server
"2nd Lieutenant!Test dummy
=Private 1st class

How did it start?

Once upon a time in a small country, there was a sheep by the name of Zeke. Well actually, he wasn't a sheep, but that was the name of the player group that Zeke was part of.
When Zeke got a new internet connection, he wanted to do something with that old line while it was still up. That could take a few weeks, he thougth.
So he decided to start a Ghost Recon Dedicated server on it, with an old computer he hardly used (P3@733Mhz,768 MB RAM), for the SheepsCave, wich was my 'group' then.
Due to an error on his ISP's side, they didnt shut down his old cable for months (maybe it was because of the date of ending, april 1), and he just let the dediserver run

It became so well visited (November 2006), that when they finally disconnected his old cable connection, he had to maintain it on his new connection (1024 kbit upload).
Thats the way the dediserver started.

Anyway, some of you know that he likes to mod around sometimes, and he likes to publish them once in a while.
I made a webserver for the sheep, to put the site on, that would be capable of php and sql and stuff, that the founder and "master" of the sheep (smokey) had access too, so he could edit if he wanted to. Mainly because thesheepscave.nl was on smokey's personal page, and he couldnt give me the pass for it, cause its the same as his email, i guess (i never asked for it).
Then i asked him if he could point the website adress, thesheepscave.nl to the webserver i created (this one your browsing on now).
Thats only few minutes work, and if there would be any trouble he could always change it back.
He refused it, and said that he didnt like to make changes on his site, and if i had anything for the website, i could mail him, and he could put his ftp on (wich he wouldnt make a public one, for mod downloads or so) and then he could put it on the site.

So i decided to leave the sheep, and put my efford in something new, with people that are there some more, and apriciate the things i made...
Thank you very much for supporting me on my new track :)

This is it then... Hotel Quebec.

I hope you like the servers, mods and the members, and all thats associated with hq.

GL & HF, Pithor fka Zeke