Some information about and screenshots of various mods.

Info about the HQ-Firefights

Serious Warning! Using the teleporting firefights (HQ-Firefight/Fieryfight) on small maps and some large maps can result in to nasty bugs like enemies in the walls or ground, or getting stuck on spawn.

The original D01 Beach is a good example of getting stuck at spawn.
When you respawn on the northwest base, you will get stuck in the ground, unable to walk.

All medium and big maps starting with -HQ, like -HQC08-Mtn Stronghold, should work allright though!

Amount of enemies in the HQ-Firefights and HQ-Fieryfights
Fire/Fieryfight > 123456

HQ Platoon

This small mod (Only 44KB) will add 15 multiplayer actors to the list, including 4 Females.
Recently added are different Elite enemies. Expect some serious opposition!
Run this mod in the highest priority and choose one of the following kit restrictions:
This mod is still in a development phase
Updated Sunday, December 12, 2006

HQ Osnaz Opponents

An Ingeloop mod, modded by Zeke.
This turns all opposition into Russian Osnaz. Check out these mean fellows...

View some screenshots here:
Osnaz Opponents Slideshow

HQ Sniper Cannon

Some very heavy antimaterial sniper weapons.
A Stalker Zero and Thales100 project, modded by Zeke.
Now a very playable mod available on the download page, still under the sheep name though.

View some pictures of the real thing here:
Lahti - NTW Info | Pic 1 | Pics 2 - RT 20 - Barret - Ferret


An old mod for the sheep, modded by Zeke.
Sheepmod Slideshow