Warning: To much playing can cause serious injuries like total loss of weight, time, memory and/or mind, fat bottom or crooked fingers, or a combination of mentioned before.
Having intercourse while playing can cause trouble like having babies. Be Warned!
If the game suddenly ends, and your lights and heater also dont work anymore, you should first check if you paid your electricity bill. If thats all done, then maybe check if you blew a fuse and replace it with a heavier one.
If you got Xfire installed, you can join directly when you click on the server's IP address.
You can download Xfire here.

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Hotel Foxtrot
Status NO RESPONSE Location nl
Game mode Players 0 / 0
Uptime Join address
Homepage gr-hq.com Email webmaster@gr-hq.com
Voice comm Updated 2012-12-30

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